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Pathankot Municipal Corporation

Pathankot Municipal Corporation

Just as any other local self governmental agencies, the main objective of Pathankot Municipal Corporation is to work for the welfare of the people. They intend to provide every civic amenity prescribed by the law of the land to the people of Pathankot so that they can lead a healthy and prosperous life. Besides that, providing best of facilities in the fields of health, education, sports, culture, entertainment etc are also within their perspective.

Development Plans by Pathankot Municipal Corporation

Let us therefore see what their plans are in the above mentioned fields:

Health and Hygiene:

The Corporation has laid special emphasis on the health and hygiene of the people of this city and hence cleaning of open drains and sewers gets the topmost priority.  Since contamination of water is the source of many diseases, providing adequate drinking water to the citizens of this town is also an important agenda for them.  Moreover, better management of garbage and removal of stray cattle from the city roads are also within their lens. Since dairies pose health hazard, they also intend to phase them out from the city.


Pathankot Municipal Corporation is very keen that all the citizens should at least get the basic education. To achieve such an end, they have opened up number of schools, which provide free education to the children of this town. They also intend to upgrade the libraries that fall under their jurisdiction.

Culture and Sports:

Pathankot Municipal Corporation is very serious about promotion of culture in this city. To achieve such an end they have plans to promote classical languages such as Sanskrit and Urdu along with dance, music and drama.  In addition, they have plans to construct an open-air theatre at Shimla Pahari. Moreover they intend to renovate the Municipal Corporation Swimming Pool and construct a multi facility sports stadium.

Maintenance of City Roads and Minimizing Traffic Congestion:

Maintenance of roads under its jurisdiction is the duty of Pathankot Municipal Corporation. Work to this end is being carried on all over the city. However, they do not intend to stop there, but have plans to make the traffic smoother by construction of flyovers and realignment of routes.

To achieve such an end, the Municipal Corporation has decided to:
  • Widen certain city roads
  • Construct two flyovers; one from Balmiki Chowk to Salana Chowk and the other at the Dhaki Railway Crossing
  • Assign specific routes to auto rickshaws
  • Declare congested markets, areas in close vicinity of major hospitals and intra-city roads No Parking Zone
  • Construct multilevel parking facilities at certain points in the city
  • Transform the parking lot at APK Road into Paid Parking Zone
  • Remove all encroachments from the city roads

Other than the above, they also have plans to provide better lighting system for Pathankot roads. Once all these projects are complete, travelling through the city will be much easier.

Miscellaneous Plans and Programs

Pathankot Municipal Corporation intends to take part in all round progress of the city. Construction of air-conditioned markets, food courts, corporate offices are also within their agenda. More importantly, they intend to provide better facilities at the Cremation Grounds. Up gradation of the Fire Brigade is also within their agenda.  Moreover, the Corporation is persistently trying to educate the citizens against different social ills such as drug addiction and dowry. They are also trying to educate the people on the ill effects of female foeticide and neglect of parents.

However, Pathankot Municipal Corporation understands that there cannot be any progress without the cooperation of the public and hence they are now trying to reach out to the public through their official website. If you have any complain or suggestion, you can log onto their official website and do that.

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  • S
    Sanjeev Sahota from Pathankot 178 Days ago


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  • A
    A K Mahajan from Pathankot 519 Days ago

    Sir, I'm resident of adhunik vihar colony, people are facing the problem of stray dogs in the colony. They are in numbers. Their group are dangerous as they started attacking the passerby. They run towards motorbike which led to many accident in the area. People lost their sleep as dogs bark whole night. I'm requesting you to look on the matter as soon as possible. I hope you take absolute measure to handle the issue.. Thanking you

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  • B
    Bhavna sharma from Adhunik vihar Mamoon pathankot 519 Days ago

    Sir, I'm the resident of adhunik vihar colony. We are facing the problem of stray dogs in our area from many days. They are in large number. Their group are very dangerous for the people who do evening walk,nobody can walk freely because they always attacking the passerby.. I'm requesting you to look into the matter seriously because the problem of the stray dogs are very intense. Therefore you are requested to take necessary action for the stray dogs. So that residents of adhunik vihar get relief from this issue....

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  • M
    Manish vashisht from Pathankot 519 Days ago

    Hello sir,I would to bring to your notice, that the new park which are near Sujanpur next to Druv Park are very beautiful but there are some factors which damaging the beauty of such a nice job done by our municipal corporatio.1. People are Smoking which Should not fee accepted as far as I am concerned as it was also prohibited in druv park.2. People are bringing dogs which are Making place dirty.3. The dustbins which you have installed is a very nice work but it should be marked as most of the people don’t know what to throw in which bin.I am very thankful for the work which you guys are doing, highly appreciate.hope you do the needful

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