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Food in Pathankot

Sanjha Chulha on Amritsar Jammu Road

Although Pathankot is a cosmopolitan city, it is predominantly inhabited by Punjabi community. Therefore, the food in Pathankot is mostly dominated by the Punjabi cuisine. Another unique point about Pathankot is that the city has embraced modernity without undermining its traditions and customs. Consequently, we find modern hotels and restaurants in Pathankot doing brisk business along with the age old dhabas.

Dhaba Food in Pathankot

Indeed, dhabas are a unique feature of Pathankot. They are located almost all over the city and offer good food at a very reasonable rate. Makhan da Dhaba, located near the railway line on Dhangu Road, is a case to the point. Although the taste may slightly differ from the home cooked food, the dhaba offers delicious Punjabi dishes like ‘dal tarka’, ‘chana masala’ ‘mattar paneer’ at a nominal price. Indeed, two people can have a full meal just for Rs. 50.00 at Makhan da Dhaba.

However, Makkhan da Dhaba is not the only dhaba in town. There are number of them scattered all over the city. For example, Chan da Dhaba on Dalhousie Road is very famous for its non vegetable items such as mutton tikka, mutton curry, chicken tikka, chicken curry etc. Baba da Dhaba at Gandhi Chowk is another good place to have a non-vegetarian meal.

 At the same time, it is to be noted that, some of these dhabas have lost their originality and can be treated more as a modern restaurant. Some of course, have retained their original flavor. However, to cater to the modern consumers, they all have introduced table and chair for serving food. Charpais in most dhabas are thing of past. However, one may find such amenities in the outskirts of the town.

Most of these dhabas open their shops early in the morning to serve the morning tea to the tourists and residents alike. The tea is generally prepared with lots of milk. Selected spices added to the tea make it even more refreshing. Later they offer sabji-puri along with other Punjabi fare as breakfast. The dishes are generally a little spicy and oily, but are great to taste. To have the true flavor of the local cuisine, one should also order a glass of lassi. Indeed, breakfast in Pathnkot is never complete without that.

Dhabas in Pathankot generally remain open till late in the night and if you want to taste the flavor of Pathankot you must at least have one meal there.

Restaurants in Pathankot

However, dhabas are not the only one to serve cheap and delicious Punjabi food. Sanjha Chulha on the Amritsar-Jammu Road is another place to search for. It also serves delicious Punjabi food at reasonable cost. Moreover, the kheer they serve is genuinely tasty.

Other than that, there are quite a few good restaurants that offer really good meal. Moti Mahal, a branch of the famous restaurant chain that has more than 90 franchises all over India, also has an outlet in Pathankot. U Nite India, Hotel Venice, Hotel Woodland also offers good Punjabi food at a reasonable rate.

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If you are tired of Punjabi Food

As we have said, Pathankot is a multicultural town. Consequently, if you are tired of spicy Punjabi food, you need not worry. Many restaurants in Pathankot serve South Indian dishes like dhosa. For genuine Himachali dishes, one is advised to visit Chamba Dhaba at Post Office Chowk. Since most of the staff is from Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, one can expect to sample true Himachali food at this place. Incidentally, in spite of its name, it is more of a restaurant than a dhaba.

Coffee Cafe Day at Pathankot

Sweet Dishes and Beverages in Pathankot

People of Pathankot are as much fond of hot spicy food as they are fond of sweet dishes made with pure ghee. The town is quite famous for its halwas and barfis.  Another favorite sweet dish in Pathankot is Palang Tod. It is sort of a milk cake and Banarsi Di Hatti at Patel Chowk is very famous for it.

As we have already said, lassi is almost a compulsory item for the breakfast for the people of Pathankot. Other than that, fruit and vegetable juices too are hot favorite here. Lichi juice of Pathankot is famous all over India. Since apples grow in plenty in adjoining Himachal Pradesh, apple juices are also a popular beverage here. Apart from that spiced tea is an all time popular beverage in Pathankot.

Fast Food in Pathankot

As we have already mentioned, Pathankot has embraced modernity with undermining its traditions. Therefore along with Punjabi cuisine, one can see many shops selling fast food items. Among the more reputed ones that offer fast food on their menu are Honey Bun, Coffee Café Day etc. Chat too is a popular food item here. Although it has its roots in Uttar Pradesh, chat shops are found in every locality. Indeed, the food in Pathankot is truly varied.

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